The top 5 healing stones, that you need in your home!


These stones are my five favourite healing stones for my home so far. Each stone holds a lot of abilities and support for you and your health. In this article I`ll only talk about the effects in your home.

By the way, it doesn’t always have to be just the stone, if you don’t like it. There are also bowls, figures etc. that are made out of a lot of the healing stones.

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The Labradorite

labradorite gemstoneThis beautiful stone can be found in my house very often. As a ball it suppresses the entire living space. The interactions with all family members becomes more stress-free and sensitive. The ball should never stand on a metal base and should have a lot of colours in it. You can take 1 cm per 10 sqm. For instance, for a room of 50 square meters you need a ball with a diameter of 5 cm.

The stone is great for your homeoffice, because it gives you energy, creativity, inspiration and productivity. Furthermore, the labradorite gives you the joy of experimenting and imagination when working on new ideas and projects.

The shungite

shungit pyramide gemstone​The shungite is probably one of the strongest healing stones on our planet. It`s also called the stone of life because it provides emotional, spiritual and physical balance and brings joy of life.

It not only cleanses the body, but also your environment from electromagnetic radiation. I have a pyramid in the living room and a ball under the bed to clean our living room and especially the bedroom from electrosmog.

The amethyst

amethyst gem stone​It also keeps negative earth radiation away and is very well suited for the workplace, as it also improves the ability to concentrate.

Under your pillow it ensures a pleasant and peaceful sleep. Many people put the amethyst in their bedroom to prevent insomnia caused by anxiety. It`s also very suitable for children who are afraid of the dark or have nightmares.

Amethysts create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere and are not only a beautiful eye-catcher on a shelf or on a small side table, but also support open communication and bring harmony and happiness to your home.

Please keep it away from direct sunlight. It fades in the sun.

The rock crystal

quartz ball on a wooden standI bought this beautiful ball at the mineral fair in Munich. As a ball, the rock crystal binds negative energies, earth and water radiation in itself and transforms them into positive energy. It releases energy blockages, cleanses the mind and soul. This beautiful little ball, I have standing next to my computer to achieve exactly this effect.

The versatile stone is considered the most effective energy amplifier and can therefore be used almost everywhere and in every room. Rock crystals have extremely effective cleansing properties and protect your rooms from negative energies. A cluster of rock crystal near the centre of the room, for example on the coffee table, has a positive and invigorating aura and captures everything in its surroundings with a loving and healing vibration. It`s also used in Feng Shui, for example to compensate for missing areas or block windows.

The rose quartz

rosequartz in a shape of a heartI don`t only like the soft colour of this stone, but also think of love when I see it. And that’s exactly what it sends out. Especially in the bedroom it`s very good to support the love of you and your partner or to bring a new love to you. In my home it lies on the heart point, so that the whole family lives in harmony, love and peace.

It`s said that a rose quartz on the windowsill in the kitchen enhances the healthy and nourishing atmosphere in this room. On the shelf or on a small side table it also supports open communication and brings harmony and happiness to the home.

Especially large rose quartzes (head-sized) from Madagascar are absolute swallowers of earth and water radiation. As balls they even deflect the earth’s radiation widely. Take 1cm diameter per 10 sqm. For instance for a room with a size of 50qm you need a ball with 5cm in diameter. In fist-size they are a great protection stone against electromagnetic computer rays and therefore also super suitable for working on the computer.

Please make sure that the stone does not get direct sunlight, because it can fade in the sun.

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