How do I find the right plant for my home?


In this article you`ll learn how I choose my house plants and how you can find the right one too, so that you can enjoy not only their presents but also their benefits

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Plants are great!!!

They truly are!! No matter what shape, type or size, they bring the feel-good factor into your home. But not only that, many plants are also used to cure various diseases, they clean the air and convert CO2 into oxygen. We actually couldn`t exist without plants!!!

They are also the source of the wonderful essential oils that can support you in your physical and mental health.

In Feng Shui, house plants help you to increase of energy in your rooms and are both Qi attracting and block tools. They can wonderfully direct the energy through our rooms. Over the next time I`ll introduce to a few plants and their benefits to you and also what Feng Shui has to say about them.


A little story

my first plant zamioculca​Plants bring me an incredible amount of joy. Especially my Zamioculcas or also called „lucky feather“. It doesn’t need much water (rather less than too much) and it grows even in very bad light conditions.

A special story connects me with this plant. I have this special beauty you can see on the picture. This is my very first Zami (that’s what I like to call her). She has been with me for at least 10 years and has gone through several stages and events. For example the move out of my former photo studio. At that time we rebuilt our new home and another move was scheduled a few months later. To avoid a back and forth, I brought her to my mother in law.

She took very good care of her, repotted her, watered her enough and even fertilized her. She hadn’t gotten that much from me, I must admit. Nevertheless, she just didn’t want to grow there. In the end, my mother in law was really frustrated because not a single new leaf came out in the one year she was with her.

As soon as I had brought her back to me, three new little stems came out of the ground. She had missed me and had shown me her joy to be back, like this. I felt very sorry for my mother in law, but it showed me that Zami and I simply belong together. Since then, I brought many brothers and sisters of her in my home, who are all thriving magnificently. And I`ve an incredible amount of joy with them.

How do you find YOUR plant?

Even without a green thumbs you can find a plant that fits perfectly to you. First of all, it`s important that you feel attracted to it. Ask yourself with which one you`d love to share your life? This is how I personally choose all my plants.

You have probably be several places in your home where plants could fit in. But also the plant has to fit to the location. For example I have a window where the sun comes in all day long. There should only be plants that can tolerate this. A cactus or a succulent is perfect here. At darker locations a Zamioculcas or aΒ  Spathiphyllum are well suited. Do some research or ask for advice in the shop.

Now you have to consider if you want a plant which needs lot of water, or if you are someone who tends to forget it, etc. Should the houseplant be something special, like an air-purifying plant, or even have healing powers like Aloe Vera? If you think about all these questions above before you buy your plant, you`ll find the right one that will give you pleasure for a long time and with which you`ll feel comfortable. And that`s what matters the most. This joyful energy will always be between you and that nourishes you both. A plant is a miracle and it`s on you what you make out of it.

By the way, I only water all my plants when I have the feeling that it`s time to do so. I listen to my intuition, because I believe that this is how plants communicate with us. Why don’t you try πŸ™‚

Ask yourself these questions before you choose a plant:
  • Am I attracted to the plant or does my intuition say that it`s right?
  • Which location? Sun, shadow, both?
  • Do I think about watering the plant as well or do I tend to forget it?
  • Should the plant have special characteristics?
    • air-purifying
    • healing
    • Suitable for cooking
    • etc.
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