„Only if I know where I am,
I can choose where I go.“

Vera Llewellyn-Davies


so you know what to expect.

When I was at the point where something had to change, I had a lot of questions. A lot of them I got answered by researching long hours on the internet and in books, but for some I didn´t find any answers.

With this page I`d like to answer the questions I had years ago and also some new ones, so that you can find the answers you are looking for and maybe also worries and fears you have can be calmed down.


If you don´t find your questions, please, write me an email and ask me. I really like to be there for you and support you where I can. Under each category you`ll find an email button and a button that leads you to my contact page. Click the one you prefer and I´ll get back to you with an answers as soon as possible.

General questions

  • For whom is my service?
    • For all who,
      • are at a turning point, and don´t know in which direction they should go.
      • want to simplify and optimize their lives and need inspiration for it.
      • want and search for a change.
      • have chaos at home and just don’t know where to start.
      • just want to save time cleaning up.
  • For whom is my services NOT suitable?
    • For all those who don`t want or need a change and who are happy with the way things are.
    • For those who can NOT find themselves in the topics I offer.
  • What if people now see me as a weak person for getting help?
    • That was a very big and stuck belief I had for a long time, too. Again and again this voice in my head saying the words: „You have to go through it alone“ or „whoever gets help is too weak to manage it alone“. But that isn`t true!!! Because first of all it`s not help you get, but support and secondly you can’t have all knowledge in the world. After all, you also go to a specialist and get advice on diseases for instance and you don`t just google your treatment on the Internet. And I support and coach you in the topic of decluttering and/or optimizing. 

Questions about decluttering

  • What if I put something away that I still need or want?
    • You`ll have every single item in your hands and you`ll quickly notice whether you still need it or not. And for things you`re unsure about, I recommend the „one-year box“. I have one of those in the attic. You put everything you are unsure if you should keep it in this box and put it in the cellar, in the attic or wherever, and if after a year you don’t even know what’s in it, you can give it away, because then the things weren’t important to you!
  • What if I need the things I decluttered after all?
    • Actually, that’s already happened to me. But in all these years only twice and I’ve really decluttered a lot. All I can say is that it’s a pitty, but it can’t be helped. I always tell myself that there was a reason why I decluttered it and most of the time I find a better alternative.
  • What if somebody talked me into decluttering?
    • You can tell me that in all honesty. I’m not going to change your mind, because you should only declutter if YOU really want to. Otherwise it won’t have the desired effect and we both won’t benefit from it. So be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you want it!
  • What will the others think if I get someone to help me declutter my mess?
    • Always remember. Not the others live in your home but YOU. And it is YOUR life and you can do whatever you want with it. And if you have the need or feel that you need support, then get it. I already said above that you go to a specialist and get advice on diseases and not google your treatment on the internet. It´s the same here.
  • Will you help me declutter?
    • I´m there for you via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom and support you during the process mentally.
  • I’m a huge pathological horter , can you help me?
    • As much as I`d like to support you, but this is a serious illness for which you should consult a psychologist. I`d be happy to support you after the treatment.

Questions about optimizing

  • What does optimizing mean and what does it bring me?
    • Optimizing means that I support you in arranging your home in such a way that it brings you ease and time and you simply enjoy living in it.

Questions about Feng Shui

  • What is Feng Shui?
    • Feng Shui is a very very old Chinese science, which was developed through observations of nature, its cycles and laws.
  • Is Feng Shui something for me?
    • Feng Shui is something for you,
      • when you are a sensitive person who can feel energies. By energies I mean, for example, those that go out from people when they are in a bad or even a good mood. Or energies in a room, i.e. when you can say whether you feel good in a room or not.
      • when you feel the analogies between you and your spaces.
      • when you realize that your home can give you more.
      • when you have a blockage in one area of your life
      • when you feel tired and overwhelmed a lot during the day although you eat and rest well.
  • When does it make sense to have a consultation?
    • A consultation can always be done. It wouldn`t make any sense if you have a home full of clutter. You have to remove the clutter  first, because otherwise a consultation is useless.
  • Is Feng Shui not only this bagua advice?
    • This was my level of knowledge before my training, but let me tell you that there is much more behind Feng Shui. That would be the landscape school, which guides the energy flow in your home in an optimal way, then the compass school, which harmonizes your rooms with you through the elements. The flying stars also play a big role and only at the end comes the bagua.
  • Which bagua do you use?
    • I use the compass bagua because it makes the most sense to me, since the whole consultation is also based on the compass. The 3-door bagua is an invention of modern times, which is not bad, but it just doesn’t fit for me.
  • What are the main statements of Feng Shui?
    • There are a few. Here are my favorites:
      • „As inside, so outside, as outside, so inside“ > means that your surroundings influence you and your life, just as you influence your surroundings. You are dependent on each other.
      • „Where your attention goes, your energy flows“ > this is especially true when activating one of the nine areas of life. If you give much attention to an area, the more energy you direct to it. Your thoughts determine your life.
  • If I use Feng Shui, will I get rich?
    • No. Feng Shui paves the way for you but you have to take action yourself. With Feng Shui you can work more focused on your goal.
  • Why is it called energetic room cleaning?
    • Because the energy of a room will be purified. You won`t see the cleansing, but you`ll feel it.
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„You are not only responsible for what you do,

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