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„Change can be painful.
But nothing hurts more,
than to stay there,
where you DON`T belong.“


Become happy with a simplified home.

Hey, I am Kerstin and I was unhappy, frustrated and even physically ill for a long time. Then I started to simplify my home and designed it to support me and to make my life easier. This caused so many changes in me and my life that I`m the complete opposite today and even found my dream job.

And now I`d like to inspire and support you to start your journey to an easier life.

My values




closeness to nature

personal growth





I not only try to live these values every day, but also to integrate them into my work in every possible way.

My contribution

I`d like to give something back to the environment and therefore I`ll plant a tree and donate 10€ for an animal protection organization at the end of each year for every booking I received. In the following I will introduce you to the organizations of my choice. I`m very open for tips and suggestions.


Plant a tree

Animal protection organization

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 „A time will come when you are sick of the all the drama

and separate yourself from all these things,
that cause chaos in your life.
This is the beginning of your new future“

Steve Santana