A short introduction

to the world of healing stones


I`ll tell you my short story how I came across healing stones and I`ll give you tips on what you should consider before you get some. You`ll also find some book recommendations.

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A little story about stones and how they came into my life

Healing stones, or also called gemstones, were already on earth before we humans were here and they will definetly exist after us, that`s for sure. For me they are a piece of the earth and give their power on to us. As with plants, there are stones available which can bring relief and even healing for the most different illnesses and problems. Like all remedies from nature, it takes time until the effect sets in, but it will come! And this without any harmful side effects.

I have always been a stone collector. I brought them from countless places where we were on vacation and at about the age of 16, I discovered the healing stones for myself. I was always fascinated by their colours and the effect they have on people. To be honest, at that time I chose them more according to the colours πŸ˜‰

There`re still stones to which I feel attracted and that`s no coincidence. The stone that attracts you, offers you exactly what you need in this moment. When I was 16, I was completely amazed and in love with the „tiger’s eye“ and looking back, it is a stone that I really needed at that time.

How you find YOUR stone?

You can research which stone is the perfect one for your situation or your discomfort, or you can let your intuition guide you. Go to a shop and see what appeals to you. Take the stone of your choice in your hand and see if it gets warm. This is usually a sign that it suits you.

When you`ve found your stone, the first thing you do is clean it at home. It was touched by some people in the shop and that left marks on it. You can usually clean the stones under warm running water. But be careful, for some stones this isn`t good.

After cleaning, the stone must be recharged. There are also different possibilities. Put it in the morning or evening sun, under moonlight or in a bowl of rock crystals. Every stone has its own needs. For some stones there`re special cleaning and recharging methods, because they can dissolve in water or fade in the sun.

I recommend that you either do your own research or buy a book about healing stones. Of course you may also contact me. I would be very happy to give you instructions for your stone.


Book recommendations
  • The Power of Crystal Healing: Change Your Energy and Live a High-vibe Life from Emma Lucy Knowles

  • The Crystal Fix: Healing Crystals for the Modern Home from Juliette Thornbury
  • The Great Encyclopaedia of Healing Stones, Fragrances & Herbs from Gerhard Gutzmann
Additional information

You are also welcome to follow my blog articles on the website. I`ll tell you more about some healing stones, how I care for them and what I use them for. And if you have a special stone that I haven’t written about yet, feel free to send me a picture and the name so I can add it to my collection.

PS: The book in the picture was my very first book about healing stones. It brought me even closer to the stones and I still like to hold it in my hands.


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