"If a flower doesn't bloom, you change its environment, not the flower."

Our home absolutely adds to our well-being.

When you feel comfortable, you can be yourself.

Imagine how it would be if your home is a place full of harmony and comfort.

Modern Feng Shui and nature in your rooms, brings you not only that, but in addition your absolutely individual home, which is completely aligned with your needs.

What if your home would support you in prioritizing and finding focus for what you want from your life?

Integrate minimalism into your home and feel its wonderful effect on your whole life.

Imagine having more freedom, joy and energy and finally being able to work on your personal development and goals.

Optimize your home with the concepts of minimalism, modern feng shui and with nature in your rooms.

Design your space. Design your life.


„Minimalism is not about having nothing,

it’s about having no ballast.“


In a nutshell, the concept of minimalism can absolutely improve your life. You let go of your ballast and learn to set priorities for what is important to you and brings you joy. This gives you more freedom, self-determination and leads you to a life with more joy and happiness.


„As inside, so outside,

as outside, so inside.“


Modern Feng Shui not only brings harmony and well-being into your home, it can also support you really fantastic in your personal development and goal achievement. Because everything is energy and energy flows where your attention goes. And that’s exactly what you learn to apply consciously and for use for yourself.


„Nature is not a place to visit.

It is a home.

Gary Snyder

Plants, healing crystals and essential oils bring the beauty and power of nature into your home. But above all, they transform your rooms into a wonderful home where you can simply unwind. And as a plus they benefit your health, both physically and mentally.

I love to optimize rooms and bringing out the best for you.

Start now – my offers for you:

So that we can get to know each other, I look forward to our first, of course free, short conversation of about 15min. I prefer to do this via video calling (Skype, Whats App, FaceTime, Zoom), because I just like it when I can see you in person. But if you don’t want that, no problem, we can also schedule a normal call. Write me an email directly to mail@kerstinbutz.com, use the contact form or book your appointment already.

„Do what you think is right.

There will always be someone who thinks differently.

Michelle Obama

Sometimes it only takes an hour to give you the inspiration and support you need. And often that hour is also a first big step into something wonderful.

This is what you get:

  • 60 minutes conversation
  • Discussion of problems and solutions for your rooms.
  • incl. all preparation and follow-up

online via video telephony: 80€/h incl. VAT.

on location: plus travel costs of 0,50€/km

„If you don’t change anything, nothing will change..“


In almost every home there is that one „special“ room. You open the door and all you can think is, „🤮…NERV“. With a room optimization this can change instantly.

This is what you get:

  • Questionnaire to clarify wishes for this one room
  • Required documents:
    • Video recording of your room.
  • Plan with possibilities of design and tools for a room that you enjoy 😃
  • Sources of supply of the items of interest.
  • incl. all preparation and follow-up work
  • Requirement: The room should already be decluttered, so that a good result can be achieved.

online via video telephony: 179€ incl. VAT.

on location: plus travel costs of 0,50€/km

„If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

African saying

Since I work in a home office myself, I know how important this room is. In this optimization, I give you a plan to help you with spacious and energetic support. With this you create the optimal room in your home, in which you can work really well and which supports you in your personal development and goal achievement.

This is what you get:

  • Questionnaire to clarify your goals and wishes
  • required documents:
    • Dates of birth
    • Floor plans
    • Degree of the entrance
    • Video recording of your room
  •  Plan with options for design and tools for more focus and energy. The main focus is on:
    • the optimal room for your home office
    • View and backing design
    • The ideal desk and its location
    • Other tools for the optimal atmosphere for working
    • Optimization possibilities for a clear room
  • Sources of supply of the items of interest
  • up to 1h support during the realization
  • incl. all preparation and follow-up

online via video telephony: 279€ incl. VAT.

on location: plus travel costs of 0,50€/km

„Everything is energy.“

Albert Einstein

With the use of modern Feng Shui, you create a home full of harmony and energy, that’s what most Feng Shui consultants say. But I can tell you, it brings you much more. It brings you a deep connection with your home and an intense friendship where you both are there for each other. And this comes from the fact that a modern Feng Shui consultation, is lifting the vail to many things and you simply become more conscious in dealing with everything in your home. And so it is a starting point for a new and exciting lifestyle that goes beyond your home.

This is what you get:

  • Questionnaire to clarify your goals and wishes for you and your home.
  • required documents:
    • Birth dates of all residents
    • Floor plans
    • Degree of the entrance
    • Video recording of your home
  • Plan with possibilities of design and tools for more harmony, energy, joy and so much more.
    • The plan is built according to the following points:
      • Landscape school
      • Compass school
      • Flying stars
      • Bagua with the nine areas of life
      • Bonus: Tips for plants, healing crystals and essential oils
  • Developed plan as .pdf via email and/or as a booklet by mail. It includes:
    • Manual with general Feng Shui information
    • Your individual multi-page plan for you and your rooms
  • Conversation to go through all points
  • up to 2h support during the implementation
  • incl. all preparation and follow-up.

online via video telephony: 499€ for apartments & 899€ for houses incl. VAT.

on location: plus travel costs of 0,50€/km

Nature pictures

With my pictures of landscapes, plants but also healing crystals you get the opportunity to bring even more nature and thus relaxation and well-being into your rooms, so that you can be inspired every day by its power and beauty.
Portrait Kerstin Butz mit Hund Amy vor pinkem Hintergrund

My story.

For a long time I was unhappy, stressed and searched for happiness in buying stuff. My job didn’t really make me happy anymore and I also had massive back pain. It all came together at the end of 2016, I was really hitting the ground.

Then I discovered minimalism and started to radically declutter and optimize my home. This has also caused so many changes in me that today I am the complete opposite and have even found my dream job.

I have reclaimed my freedom and happiness through minimalism, the application of modern Feng Shui and the power of nature in my rooms, and have become more aware and self-determined.

My home supports me to actively design my own life and future every day, where I can better focus on what is important to me. I can enjoy many things in life more without being dragged down by ballast.

And now I‘ d like to give you inspiration and tools to create not only the rooms or the home of your dreams, but also a fulfilled and happy life, full of freedom, energy and everything you want.

If I made it, you can make it too.


My offers for youcontact me

My values




connecting with nature

personal growth





I`m not only trying to live these values every day, but also to always integrate them into my work.

My contribution
I`d like to give something back to the environment and therefore I will plant a tree and donate 10€ for an animal protection organization at the end of each year for every booking. In the following I`ll introduce you to the organizations of my choice. For tips and suggestions I am very open.

Planting trees

Animal protection

buddha between plants in bali
You have question? Please write.

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Change can be painful. But nothing hurts more than staying where you do NOT belong.


Projects Before/After


I spent many hours thinking about the best way to get rid of the clutter. Then Kerstin came into my life and suddenly everything was easy. Structured, with a plan and a lot of fun!

The feeling afterwards is indescribable. Since then I`ve had much more time to think about other things and enjoy my living room.

Nadine S.

At home I felt limited and stressed by many things. Kerstin offered me her support and helped me to declutter our basement, the kitchen, the living room and my closet. If I hadn’t experienced for myself how good the result felt, I would hardly have been able to believe it. I feel less stressed, more joyful and much more free, because all the ballast is gone now. It’s incredible how „stuff“ can weigh on the soul. In addition, everything is also nicely arranged…I`m already looking forward to the moment when Kerstin will help me during our move.

Petra A.

Little things that shape life.

Dear Kerstin,

working together with you is simply fun. Rarely I´ve seen a person who is so passionate about his job as you are. Whether it`s about optimizing, organizing, using healing stones for improved energy or your joyful images. Your enthusiasm immediately spilled over to me – but it was only about small things. The crumpled drawer, which is no longer there, the kitchen cupboards, which, even after five months, still keep their order and overview through the use of boxes. My home office, which got a greater sense of peace and quiet through your Up&Hide method alone – until then I hadn’t realized how much documents lying on the floor could „pull down“. My new plants that give energy as well as the use of healing stones on my desk, which activate the flow just by looking at them. And all of this with an ease and commitment that it was a pleasure to „walk“ through the rooms with you.

It doesn`t always have to be the big change. There can be a lot of ease even in the little things as well. I for my part have increased mine in my rooms through you, dear Kerstin. For that I thank you so much.

Nadine P.


For bookings, questions and suggestions, feel free to contact me by phone, email or via the contact form. Book your appointment for your first quick meeting here. I look forward meeting you and supporting you in your project!

Design your life.

Unterschrift Kerstin in grau

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+49 178 – 514 5815

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Would you like to be informed when there are new dates for offers and courses? Just sign up for my newsletter.

As a thank you for signing up, I’ll send you a link to my „Happy Motivation Playlist“ on Spotify.

„First we shape the rooms,

then the rooms shape us.“

Sir Winston Churchill