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„Happiness lies in us, not in things.“

Siddartha Gautama

The first step to simplify your rooms and make your life easier is to declutter. I love minimalism and it says: „less is more“, so let go of everything you don’t need and don’t enjoy. Create rooms in which you can breathe again and come to rest.

Less stuff can also lower your stress level significantly and bring more ease into your life. Not only that, it can also bring changes. It led me to clarity about what I want from life and what makes me happy. It brought me back to myself.

By the way, decluttering is already the first step of Feng Shui. It’s like acupuncture for your rooms, so that the energy can flow perfectly again and you can face the demands of life with strength.

„Some people look for beautiful places, others create them.“

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The second step to simplify your rooms and make your life easier is optimizing. With various methods like the Up&Hide method, the KaBo-organization system and the best that nature has to offer, your rooms can be designed to support you in everything you need and to bring you freedom, joy, time and energy.

The more harmonious your rooms are for you, the more comfortable you will feel. A room in which you do not feel 100% right can be enough to have an effect on your body and mind. It can cause stress and drain your energy.

Modern Feng Shui
„Everything is energy.“

Albert Einstein

Modern Feng Shui is not the „esoteric furnishing“, as people often say. It is a great tool that can make the rooms you are living in YOUR home. It not only brings energy back to flow and harmonizes your rooms with you, it also prepares your way into a more conscious and self-determined life. You can change your rooms according to your wishes and above all your goals, release blockages and actively shape your future by yourself.

It helps you to find your focus and brings you further in life. It is simply a great lifestyle that I live and enjoy every day and that I`d like to pass on to you.

This is how I can support you

1:1 Raum-Coaching
„If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.“

African saying

In the 1:1 online room Coaching & Design we both work closely together and I support you in everything regarding your rooms. With the coaching, we uncover how you are feeling right now and what you want for your rooms. Then I will create a room design for you, which will be aligned with your wishes and goals.

I use various tools such as decluttering, optimizing and modern Feng Shui and this as resource-saving as possible, both for you and for the environment.

The goal are rooms that support you to go into your self-determined future.


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„First we shape our rooms, then the rooms shape us.“

Sir Winston Churchill

On this page I take you on my journey to a more and more conscious life. With my posts I‘ d like to show you what is possible and inspire you to make your rooms and therefore yourself a priority. It‘ s not only about the topics around decluttering, optimizing, Feng Shui etc. but also about my ways how I personally continue to learn and grow every day.


Get your inspiration
Nature Pictures
„One joy eliminates a hundred worries.“

Japanese saying

Before I offered space coaching & design, I was an advertising photographer for 13 years. Even though I don’t work in advertising anymore, photography still fascinates me because it gives me the opportunity to bring joy and energy into your rooms with my pictures, so that you can feel this every day.


auf zu FREUDEbilder
portrait of kerstin butz with dog amy


I`m Kerstin.

I offer you interior coaching & design that inspires and encourages you to simplify and design your rooms in such a way that they support you to go into your self-determined future. Make your life easier and less stressful with more time, freedom, joy and energy.

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My work (and this website) is designed to give you inspiration and tools to create the rooms and life of your dreams. Your rooms at home and in your office can have a strong impact on your well-being and therefore your life. Simplified and optimally designed, they make your life easier and can bring positive changes of any kind. Make them and therefore yourself a priority. If I`ve done it, then you can do it too.

Design your life.

At one glance –

this is what my room coaching & design brings you
  • keeping a simple organization.
  • you reduce your subconscious stress.
  • you can feel everything from lightness to joy to freedom, because you let go of your ballast.
  • your rooms become clearer and more transparent. Clarity on the outside also brings more clarity on the inside.
  • it will be easier for you to keep track of everything: Double purchases are no longer an issue.
  • you`ll get more time.
  • there will be more space in your rooms.
  • you can save money and reduce waste, which also benefits the environment.
  • your rooms will become a place of well-being.
  • the energy in your rooms will flow better, which will give you more energy.
  • blockades can be solved.
  • you`ll get rooms that are optimally adapted to you and your needs.
  • it helps you to focus on the things that are important to you in life to live a self-determined future.

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 Inspiration for your rooms and you

„First we shape our rooms,
then our rooms shape us.“

Sir Winston Churchill